Paco Taco on Nov 13, 2020
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Loved this gym at first... but they don’t take Covid serious at all. Their cleaning habits were bad before pandemic and haven’t changed at all. Very dirty facility and with so many staff always there why is someone not walking around cleaning and wiping down equipment? Made me cancel my membership and go back to paying more for cleanliness.

Brian Thompson on Nov 09, 2020
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By working out here I will hopefully one day be as wide as my friend Jonathan (pictured)

on Oct 31, 2020


Alexa L. on Oct 30, 2020
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I use the tanning beds at crunch. Yesterday I went and I accidently left my brand new Gucci necklace on the top shelf in bed #8. I called when I realized...

Que Horne on Oct 24, 2020
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