James Mays on Sep 19, 2020
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Good service but don't trust them with any card number. I have 2 bank accounts one i rarely use and one i use regularly. It helps me keep new places i don't trust from accessing my bigger account. Well i paid the deposit for crunch with my main card and told them that wasn't to be saved or used and gave them my other card for direct withdrawls. I deposited 200 in my account to pay the gym. Well my gf pulled money out of the account without telling me and the gym kept trying to pull the money out of this account for 3 months. I get a email from my bank telling me that account is minus 100 dollars. I call the bank and find out what's happening. Then call the gym on Friday and tell them I'll be in next Friday to pay them everything but to stop hitting the card cause it keeps hitting me 19.98 every time they try to hit my card they agree. Well here comes Tuesday and i have a huge saltwater emergency in one of my reef tanks so run down to the store and try to use my regular card and its been hit by crunch. I call up there and they apologies and say the card was put on as a backup...... i certainly did not i don't trust any gym in norman... been screwed twice in 8 years by gyms here hitting my cards after i cancel my membership. I specifically told them not to save that card at all. I canceled my membership immediately. Now i will say they are extremely nice and professional here and it's really clean. Thats why its at the 2 star but since i can't trust them with my debit card they lost 3 stars.

on Sep 18, 2020


Haven Nation on Sep 18, 2020
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The people that work here are incredibly rude. Especially the girls who work here. It’s a nice gym but the way the employees act ruins it for us.

Michaela D. on Sep 17, 2020
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Always a great expirence at crunch. A wide range of people from students to the elderly. Always plenty of space and RJ is a bomb a** personal trainer, I definitely recommend his services to any and everyone. He seems to really care about his clients! 💚

Brad Frizell on Sep 18, 2020

Went to workout this morning and it became quickly apparent that someone’s alarm did not go off this morning. 😂😂 happens to us all. When I find out who it was I will make sure and give them a hard time though. Not the worst thing can happen to us. I appreciate #crunchnorman. P.S. Tell who ever it was I’ll need a spotter at 6 tonight.