Fitness Ventures LLC is a
development company

owning CRUNCH Fitness franchise locations and territories throughout the United States that are hugely successful and provide the communities they serve with all of the amenities of a much more expensive club—and a warm friendly environment that is hard to find in the majority of fitness clubs in North America.
The CRUNCH brand was established and opened the first CRUNCH location in NYC on June 11th,1989. Much has changed from those early days —but the one thing that has remained in tact is the mission that CRUNCH established from early on. At the core of creating the right atmosphere is our No Judgments Philosophy.

The No Judgments Philosophy is a point of view that promotes diversity and acceptance; that creates a warm, welcoming environment for members; and that puts members at ease where other gyms don’t. At CRUNCH there is a premium placed on individuality because we recognize that there is no one type, no one way and no one goal. Because the CRUNCH brand is so compelling, because our No Judgments Philosophy is so resonant and because the value we offer is so apparent—our members find our value proposition hard to pass up.

As an organization, Fitness Ventures has established a culture that is focused on providing a member experience that is second to none—but just as importantly we focus on ensuring that our team members are provided a work environment where they can be successful. Our team members are charged with making a difference in that members life every day. Regardless of the goals that they have set for themselves while at CRUNCH—we want to help them on their personal fitness journey.